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Spam Attacks Soaring:

The number of spam attacks - or mass mailings of unwanted messages - increased from 930,546 in May 2001 to 4.7 million in May this year. - Wall Street Journal

U.S. consumers will receive over 3,900 spam messages five years from now as the amount spent on e-mail marketing campaigns grows from US$1.4 billion in 2002 to $8.3 billion in 2007. - Jupiter Research

15 wasted hours per person in 2003, which will represent a sixfold increase in lost time on spam from just a couple of years ago. - Ferris Research

Only 21 percent of respondents reported spam-free personal inboxes. - Pew Internet & American Life Project

Spam currently makes up 25 percent to 35 percent of a company's total mail volume..., that's a 25 percent to 35 percent inflation on your e-mail bandwidth and storage capacity - CIO Magazine

Over the last year and a half, the number of mass e-mailings has risen eight fold - Brightmail Inc


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JunkMail Cop


Why do you need JunkMail Cop?

Save your money, reduce time and bandwidth wasted dealing with irritating spam or junk e-mail messages.

Protect your PC from fatal e-mail worms and e-mail viruses attack.

Stop offensive material from entering your organization or PC.

Less stress, frustration and clutter. More time for productive and fun things.


Don't you tired of dealing with pornography offers, endless special offers, "earn thousands weekly", and all the other junk e-mail? Your time is valuable, so having your inbox flooded with junk messages is not only annoying but also costly.

Now, you can say goodbye to all junk mail with JunkMail Cop - the fast and easy way to dramatically reduce spam in your inbox. It will install directly into your system - scanning and filtering that time wasting, irritating junk e-mail.

JunkMail Cop scans your e-mail and moves all spam (adult content offers, chain letters, jokes, image files, e-mail worms and viruses, harassment and threats, e-mail bombs, etc) to a special folder before you download it. This software compares incoming messages to our huge database of all existing junk e-mails (keyword, subject, header, etc) to find if there is a positive match.

JunkMail Cop does not download the entire message. It is much quicker than using your normal e-mail program which will actually have to retrieve the entire message including any attachments. This will dramatically reduce your bandwidth usage and internet monthly cost.

Does it works in any e-mail system?

Absolutely, JunkMail Cop works with any e-mail system in Windows based-PC (95, 98, 98SE, ME, NT, 2000, XP). Don't worry, it will work great with your system too! If you have any question simply send it to us. Our staff is comprised of people with years experience in computer software support. You can't get lost with them on your side. We're here to help.


How can you get it?

It's really simple, you can take advantage of our special offer with RISK FREE 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Don't wait until it's too late, take action to protect your system from e-mail viruses and annoying spams right now. This product will pay back for itself both in the home and enterprise within days.  JunkMail Cop now only $19.95 instead of $29.95.

Yes! I want to download JunkMail Cop right now. If within 30 days, I am dissatisfied with this software in any way, my refund request will be honored instantly. Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for
goods and services provided by Magellass.



JunkMail Cop Development Team

P.S. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Today's bargain price cannot continue forever. Current prices should be regarded as temporary.


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